We are thankful to have an amazing core group of leaders and volunteers, but many hands make a light load. This is why we are recruiting new people to join the team and share their skills and dedication to our community.
If you are interested in getting involved or have questions, please feel free to contact any of us. We hope to recruit many new parents to be more involved this year

– We Can Do This With YOUR Help!

We need your Voice, your Energy, your Creativity, and your Skills! 

Do you have a talent or passion for:

  • Organizing people or projects?
  • Advocating for others further from racial justice?
  • Making others feel welcome and appreciated?
  • Coming up with ideas?
  • Posting to social media?
  • Making digital graphics?
  • Supporting local businesses?
  • Communicating information?
  • Running events?
  • Able to speak another language?
  • Love to make art?
  • Some hidden talent that you can't wait to share to make your child's school an even better place?

Reach out to us and let us know! 

Board Members

PTO board members are volunteers, ncluding elected officers and appointed committee chairs. If you are interested in learning about any of these positions, volunteering, or would like to contact any of the people below please email us: crestwoodsteampto@gmail.com

President: Griselle  Figueroa

Email Me: presidentcrestwoodsteampto@gmail.com

Vice President:

Email Me: vpcrestwoodsteampto@gmail.com

Treasurer: Nancy Bueno-Shoats

Email Me: treasurercrestwoodsteampto@gmail.com

Secretary: Paola MacÍas

Email Me: secretarycrestwoodsteampto@gmail.com

Teacher Representative: Genevieve Wheatley

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs can be filled by any parent volunteer, this does not need to be voting member of the PTO.